Tribute to Clement Meric: Behind Fascism Lies the Capital

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Paris, France


[Rough Translation]: Several thousand people, 6,000 according to police, marched Sunday in Paris against fascism, a fortnight after the death of Clement Meric and many windows were degraded in their path.

Fourteen people were arrested, “especially for carrying a prohibited weapon” on the sidelines of the event announced the Ministry of Interior.

Minister Manuel Valls “salutes the fieldwork of the Prefecture of Police will continue to exploit the many videos recorded throughout the rally. ”

“The route of the procession, many windows, including banks, as well as street furniture, were ransacked by thugs who do not respect the spirit of this gathering”, the minister said.

These are ultra-violent radicals and highly mobile thugs who came to battle groups, “said a source familiar with the matter.

The dense and motley procession lunged to 3:00 p.m. in the Place de l’Opera (II), bringing together political activists (NPA Left Party), anarchist groups, associations (Attac, SOS Homophobia) and Union (UNEF, CGT).

Marching behind banners proclaiming “Fascism kills, kills Islamophobia”, or representing the face of Clement Meric killed on June 5 in paris in a brawl between fascist and right-wing activists, protesters chanted “Clement, Clement, antifa “or” No quarters for fascists, no fascists in our neighborhoods. “

But the gathering went beyond mere claim antifascist, posters and banners denouncing jumble Islamophobia or homophobic acts.

“We’re here to show that we do not give up a number of things (…) We must fight back and reject the will to exclude these people,” says Raynaldo Vidal, 55, an activist of the New Anti-Capitalist Party ( NPA).

“It is unimaginable that someone would die for its commitments,” said Ronan Rosec, SOS Homophobia.

Dressed in black, thirty protesters deployed for a few minutes a banner in front of the Opera criticizing fascism before a parade punctuated by the sound of firecrackers and smoke.

The motorcade, people waved French flags and AKI for the window of a building, angering a group of protesters broke into the building and were tagged.

The procession was dispersed in late afternoon instead of the Battle of Stalingrad (XIX).

In Strasbourg, about 200 people gathered in the main square of the city, including the use of the PCF and the Left Party.

The activists unfurled banners proclaiming “No pasarán” and “Termination of fascist groups” and chanted “Zero tolerance for racist and fascists.” German activists from a neighbor, carried a banner addressed to Clement Meric, on which was written in German: “No forgiveness, no forgetting, rest in peace Clement.”

paris 2

paris 3

Leur presse – AFP, 23/06/2013 à 21h22

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