Israel confirms it holding Palestinian who disappeared in Egypt for ‘security crimes’


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JERUSALEM – A Palestinian from the Gaza Strip who disappeared in Egypt last month is being detained by Israel for “security crimes,” an Israel court confirmed Wednesday, a month after his family charged he was abducted.

The court partially lifted a gag order on the case, identifying the man as Wael Abu Reda, but did not say how he was detained or how he ended up in Israel.

The man’s wife, Iman, said she was travelling with her husband when he received a phone call from someone asking him to meet in Egypt’s Sinai desert. “So he went,” she said.

She said her husband was missing for eight days when his brother, Mansour, received a call from an Israeli official saying he was in Israel.

The Sinai Peninsula is a lawless area bordering the Gaza Strip where Islamic militants are active. She said her husband was not connected to any…

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