Golden Dawn attacks social space with clubs and crowbars

I can't relax in Greece

Golden Dawn thugs attacked not only adults but also children. It is the third time this specific social space is attacked within only one year


A blatant fascist attack by 80-100 Golden Dawn people took place, Wednesday evening, against the open social space ‘Synergeion’, near Ilioupolis’ central square, with the police by-standing.

At 7.30 in the evening, there was an English language class going on and besides the minors only two adults were present. The teacher (over 60 years old) and another person. A group riding 50 motorbikes and raving with greek flags, clubs and crowbars arrives at the scene.

Known for bullying, GD thugs (they were wearing GD T-shirts and scattered around brochures with their political positions!) assaulted not only the adults but also the children, while they made a mess  of the place.


Fortunately, everyone came out unscathed or with only minor injuries. ‘Ef.Syn’ newspaper communicated with the…

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