Israel to approve new law to force-feed hunger striking prisoners

July 12, 2013


From WeCare BahrainRights

NAZARETH, (PIC)— Hebrew media revealed that the Israeli Ministry of



Justice is currently working on passing a bill that will allow the authorities force-feed prisoners on hunger strike    “legally”.

The Hebrew Haaretz newspaper said in its Thursday edition: “This proposal comes in the wake of the increasing number of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike.”

According to the new resolution; going to court will follow getting a medical report stating that in case the detainee continue his hunger strike, his life will be in danger, while allowing him to be represented by a lawyer and explain his position before the court.

The paper pointed out that these new ideas will soon be presented to the Attorney General for discussion.

It added that last year many prisoners have launched hunger strike for long periods, which made government ministries to go to the Attorney General and hold a series of meetings with security agencies to discuss the situation.

Haaretz explained that these discussions ended with a resolution allowing the prison officials to force the hunger striker to eat if his life becomes in danger.

Source – Haaretz

Bay Area Intifada – Prison Rebel News


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