BREAKING [Video]: Migrant Detention Center in Greece Set Ablaze During Riots

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(For the latest on the situation in Amygdaleza: ” 10 escape in Migrant Rebellion in Notorious Greek Detention Center ” )


Riots have broken out in a migrant detention center in Amygdaleza, near Athens.  The conditions in these facilities are known as some of the worst in the world with regular stories of beatings, torture and deplorable conditions. There are several reports of badly injured refugees and one dead, but none is yet confirmed. 10 police are said be injured. The police allegedly regained control at around 02.00.

From Mainstream media reports: 

“Last week, leftist rights group KEERFA said Muslim detainees had been beaten by guards during prayers.”

“In July, the same group reported the death of an Afghan detainee died from a pulmonary infection which prison guards had allegedly ignored for months.”

The Migrants, most of which are unspecified “Asians”, Pakistani, Afghan and Syrian burned containers and mattresses protesting against the police brutality inside the camp, the inhumane conditions and the arbitrary extending of their detentions from 12 months to 18 months simply for being in the country..

BAI NOTE: The following is an unconfirmed account of what is happening on the ground:

“We were just informed that the reason of the riot was that the power was cut off three days now in two containers by police… the migrants refused today to get into the containers because the heat was unbearable and the police tried to put them in by force: throwing their food on the floor, swearing and hitting them….the migrants resisted and riot started.”

“There are unconscious people on the ground at the moment inside people speak about even maybe two dead.”

“There is an info about an immigrant named Sultan Ahmed being shot when special forces entered.”


Mainstream media report can be seen here

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