Egypt police break up pro-Mohammed Morsi march in Cairo

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Opposing sides threw stones and bottles at each other, as police fired tear gas, as Mishal Husain reports

Egyptian police have fired tear gas to disperse crowds of supporters of detained ex-leader Mohammed Morsi during a march in central Cairo.

Morsi supporters went to a government compound to protest at the appointment of army officers as local governors.

Local residents then clashed with the pro-Morsi crowds and both sides threw bottles and stones at each other, before security forces moved in.

The army deposed Mr Morsi in July and put in place an interim government.

Supporters of Mr Morsi, an Islamist leader who came from the Muslim Brotherhood movement, refuse to accept the new government and insist he must be reinstated.

They say the military overthrew a democratically elected government and is now attempting to entrench its power.

Six weeks after the army overthrew Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim…

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