“We derive our energy to persist from you,” Hassan Karajah writes from Israeli prison

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Hassan Karajah

Eight months ago, during a night raid in January 2013, 29-yr-old Hassan Karajah was arrested by Israeli occupation forces.

Karajah, a youth coordinator for the Stop the Wallcampaign, has been accused of actively supporting Palestinian prisoners and participating in a student group affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Human rights advocates insist his arrest and imprisonment is just another example of Israeli intimidation of Palestinians who speak out and work for organizations that highlight abuses by the occupation.

Friends and fellow activists add that such intimidation is, of course, not reserved for those who work formally in nongovernmental organizations, but extends to countless individuals, not least of whom are charismatic and active Palestinian youth who inspire courage in those around them. It would seem Hassan Karajah falls in to both categories.

Sending strength from behind bars

Despite health concerns and lack…

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