Justice for Etana and Mecca Shakur

Let's Get Free

Black Riders Liberation Party Members Arrested by Inglewood Police Department


On Tuesday April 30th 2013, Black Riders Liberation Party members Mecca and Etana Shakur were harassed, assaulted and arrested by the Inglewood Police Department while selling newspapers and politicking with the people on Century and Crenshaw in Inglewood, California.

This attack comes in the aftermath of the party being honored by the Black Panther Party Alumni Association with the “Continuing the Struggle” Award. This award was presented at a fundraising event for Elder Freeman’s trip to Cuba to fight cancer.

The BRLP, being one of the first groups to seriously push a hard line in Oakland and Los Angeles for support of Elder Freeman, was in attendance to assist with security and personal escort for Kathleen Cleaver. Kathleen Cleaver presented this award to General T.A.C.O. and the BRLP for 17 plus years of revolutionary service to the community.

The recognition…

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