( Action Alert!) No War In Syria – Bay Area Resistance Network Launch!


Syrian refugees flooding into Northern Iraq ( A 2003 Reversal )

San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area

From Bay Area Resistance Network

The Bay Area Resistance Network was initiated by those who are affected by colonialism, displacement and militarism who want to confront the forces of imperialism and fight back. Our communities refuse to assimilate and accept the conditions that continue to oppress us, and we sincerely hope to build and strengthen our bonds and struggle together in the face of global injustice.

Decolonization as a means to liberation can be successful through unity along principles of self determination and through the support of strategic allies who understand their role in our struggle.

The expansion of US imperialism and increased intervention should be met with increased resistance, and it is clear through recent history that the wars will continue to escalate while new ones are created. The methods of resistance cannot be replicated from the past, but must move beyond superficial solidarity and really embrace the decolonial struggle as a form of existence.

No War on SyriaCall Out :

On Saturday, August 31st, we will be joining the International Call to Solidarity with the People of Syria against the impending bombing campaign of the US and its allies.

On this day, we will focus our attention on the suffering of the Syrian people. But yesterday it was Egypt; the day before that it was Gaza; before that it was Yemen, Libya, Iraq & Afghanistan. While these are some of the most televised examples of our day, we cannot ignore the militarization of the US-Mexico border, the funding of the Mexican military against the Indigenous Communities of that region, the propping up of brutal dictators across the globe, and an endless list of other acts of colonization.

Our solidarity for our peoples shouldn’t be isolated to colonial borders and neither should our resistance.

Our very sincere hope is that we, the people affected by Colonialism, Militarism & Displacement can come together and build a network that confronts our oppressors while breaking our isolation from each other.

Facebook Event: Here

Indybay Event: Here

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