Athens: Living hell on the streets and in the camps

I can't relax in Greece

Attacks by nazis against immigrants are an everyday phenomenon in the neighbourhoods of Athens.

Police’s practices inside and outside detention centres and concentration camps embolden nazis who often do not hesitate to kill their victims.


Racist attacks by nazis against unsuspecting immigrants are turning into an everyday phenomenon in Greece and especially in the neighbourhoods of Athens. It was just last Sunday that Mohamed Zamat, immigrant from Pakistan, became the victim of a racist attack carried out by around ten overly masculine Greek nationalists while he was on his way to work. As KEERFA and the Pakistani Community report, the perpetrators punched and kicked him repeatedly and they disappeared when the police arrived. Mohamed was taken to “Pammakaristos” hospital with injuries and a broken nose. As always, the police deployed a large-scale operation in search for the perpetrators, while they do not chase immigrants for “Xenios Zeus”. When the police…

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