Infographic: Convictions of Israeli military personel

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The Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din last week published statistics regarding investigations by the Israeli Military Police Criminal Investigations Department (MPCID) into the circumstances surrounding the death of Palestinians since September 2000, as well as figures for convictions and penalization relating to these incidents. This is what those figures look like:


According to B’Tselem, at least 6,660* Palestinians have been killed to date by the Israeli occupation military forces in the occupied Palestinian territories since September 2000.

The figures published by Yesh Din show that the MPCID opened only 179 criminal investigations concerning the killing of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers. Only only 16 of these cases led to indictments, with only 7 resulting in convictions. Of those seven, none were found guilty of murder, and only 1 was given a custodial sentence of over 12 months (the solider who was convicted of manslaughter following the shooting to death of…

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