UPDATE:BREAKING! Antifacist Hip Hop Artist Murdered by Nazis in Athens

Paulos !!A 34 year old active Antifascist Hip Hop artist &  organizer was murdered by Nazis in Athens.

The death has been confirmed by doctors at the hospital to comrades waiting outside. The Antifascist who is said to be named Paulos aka Killa P was at a local cafe watching a football (Soccer) game with his girl friend. He was reported stabbed in the heart. One nazi is reportedly in custody, but this is unconfirmed.

Antifascists across Athens are on alert and are said to be waiting on a call to start moving, but are being warned to be careful and remain organized. It is also being

Murder Scene

Murder Scene

alleged that Greek police were present as the attack took place and stood by while it happened.

There is a demonstration called on the spot where the murder took place, today at 18:00 local time

This is a very complicated matter as a General Strike is scheduled for tomorrow on the other side of the city.

The strike started on Monday with teachers , professors and other university employees after the Greek state announced it would be firing 20,000 people from education jobs and closing down many schools.

BAI released an article yesterday on the growing threat of Golden Dawn and their brazen attack against KKE Communists. Eerily the conversation was around the lack of urgency around the attacks on KKE and where that could lead., You can read this here: From Oakland to Greece! Anarchists are Fucking Up!

KKE Members attack by Golden Dawn

Left side is KKE member attacking anarchist. Right side is KKE party member after Nazi attack
(This photo was used on Golden Dawn Official website calling the KKEmember a thug/bully)

BAI will report more when we know more.

8 thoughts on “UPDATE:BREAKING! Antifacist Hip Hop Artist Murdered by Nazis in Athens

  1. The photo “KKE Members attack by Golden Dawn” is counfusing and not right named. This is a collage, showing on the left side: an attack by KK members during the demonstration on 20.october 2011, when unknown persons out of the autonomous bloc attacked the block of KK with 2 molotow coctails. (See also: http://tvxs.gr/news/egrapsan-eipan/prosxediasmeni-i-epithesi-tis-xrysis-aygis-toy-ioy?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=tvxs) / On the right: this is one of 8 injuries, members on KK Perama, which were attacked by a group of 50 neonazis on 13. September 2013. (See also: http://tvxs.gr/news/egrapsan-eipan/prosxediasmeni-i-epithesi-tis-xrysis-aygis-toy-ioy?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=tvxs use google trans, please).
    The collage was created and promoted by those who DID NOT support the antinazi Demo after the attacks of the neonazis against KK members on 13. September 2013, with the argument “it is ok when the KK members are being attacked by the NAzis”.
    I do believe, that you were not aware of the meaning and use of this collage.

    • Thank you, we were aware of this, but the article was written very quickly and in haste. Thank you for putting it to our attention. Stay in touch. We like to engage with comrades everywhere. Salaams n Solidarity.

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