[VIDEO] Masquerade Suprise Protest invades the Guanabara Palace (Brazil).


From Coletivo Mariachi

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

In the early morning of September 22, 2013, after holding a Masquerade Ball at St Saviour in the neighborhood of Orange, Rio de Janeiro, a group of protesters managed to surprise invade the Guanabara Palace, seat of state government .

During their time on the balconies of the building, the group was accompanied by a band, shouting slogans against the governor Sérgio Cabral, in rhythm marches carnival. Some protesters entered one of the halls of the building and were quickly removed by the palace guard who at the time of the invasion had only four soldiers on duty.

The demonstration took place peacefully, there was no vandalism, no confrontation with police. At the exit of the palace, protesters closed the street Pinheiro Machado for a few minutes and then went back to the Piazza San Salvador, where they dispersed.

Since the last attempted invasion which occurred on August 13 by teachers of the state and Black Blocs, no other act had managed to access the front of the palace.

Check out the video how it all happened.


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