The Past Few Days in Khalil (Hebron) , Occupied Palestine

Photo taken by Dominik Wach

Photo taken by Dominik Wach

The following is a compilation of reports & videos between September 21st to September 23rd in Khalil (Hebron) , Occupied Palestine. All content is from YAS – Youth Against Settlements, ISM- International Solidarity Movement & SMP- Solidarity Movement of Palestine.

September 21st:

From Youth Against Settlements

Israeli soldier injured in Alkhalil


Violent clashes broke out in the city of Hebron in the area of Bab al Zawiya and around Shuhada Street, the once vibrant street in the centre of Hebron which has been closed off by the Israeli Occupation Army for more than 19 years. The Israeli army heavily used tear gas and sound bombs wounding tens of Palestinians, some of whom suffered from suffocation and were moved to a nearby hospital for treatment. An Israeli soldier was also wounded as a result of stone throwing. Youth Against Israeli Settlements, a Palestinian group established in 2008, videotaped the incident.

The city of Hebron regularly witnesses clashes as a result of the construction of four Israeli settlements for nearly 600 settlers living in the heart of Palestinian city.

From International Solidarity Movement:

“Last week soldiers began preparations for taking over a house next to the container checkpoint 209 (Quatoum/Abu Rish), which belongs to a Palestinian family. The family received a military order informing them that this house would be occupied by the Israeli army until Tuesday 24th September, the end of Sukkot. Due to the large number of Jewish tourists visiting Hebron during Sukkot, reinforcement brigades have been sent to Hebron, and due to lack of accommodation for these additional soldiers, the army decided to take over this Palestinian house and use it as a military base for the duration of the holiday. Residents of this area have stated that since the soldiers began occupying the house, child detainments and arrests have increased, and there are further concerns that checkpoint 209 may be moved in an attempt to increase control in the surrounding area.”

September 22:

From Youth Against Settlements (YAS)

Heavy Clashes:

“Dozens injured and hundreds of arrests in intense #Hebron clashes :
Heavy clashes took place across Hebron, leading to the injury and arrest of numerous Palestinians as well as the death of an Israeli soldier. Hebron is currently declared a military zone with a curfew imposed and all entrances to the city sealed off. Throughout Sunday evening and night, the Israeli army has been raiding houses, searching all males and arresting hundreds in several neighbourhoods near the scene of the attack.”

From International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

“This is a video showing clashes between Israeli soldiers and young demonstrators, soldiers fired tear gas canisters and sound grenades while the youth threw stones.”

September 23:

From International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

Settlers trespassed on a Palestinian family’s roof in Khalil (Hebron) to offer tourists a view of the city. After the family asked them to leave, they were attacked by the settlers

From Youth Against Settlements

“Still highly charged atmosphere in Hebron with settler attacks and Israeli soliers stealing homes. On the other hand it’s the third straight day that the population is clashing and resisting”


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