12 days of hunger strike in Sweden, and deportation to Afghanistan …

Kabul, Afghanistan

originally posted in Kabul Blog

I was waiting for him in An Afghan restaurant in the west of Kabul. When he entered the restaurant shivery and taking help from the tables  to reach the table I was sitting.

He is Ibrahim Amiri, one of those ten people who were deported from Sweden on 2nd October 2013. He was feeling weak and constantly shivering his head and putting his hand on his forehead while talking to me. This was probably the result of 12 days hunger strike he had gone through in the Swedish detention center.

Amiri and two other Afghan asylum seekers were on hunger strike in Swedish detention center to protest against their deportation.

Amiri said; they did not eat anything for 12 days and he was almost unconscious. He was only once taken to the doctor. Doctor had advised Amiri to eat or drink something. But for Amiri it was a matter of survival and death as he said; that is why he did not eat anything and continued with hunger strike, and now Amiri says; he is feeling numb in his right and can’t easily feel it. Read more


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