Pauwauwaein: Idle No More to Indigenous Nationhood Movement


by Lesley Belleau

People are contemplating if the rush of a new revolution called Idle No More is bubbling down to a whisper. There are news articles asking if this is the end of Idle No More, and there are people wondering if the Indigenous nations have gotten the protests and rallies out of their systems and have gone back to life as usual. I read the tweets and the Facebook posts suggesting that Idle No More is in its final gatherings, using the very last energies of a fury of activity that was short-lived and powerful only at its peak; its power diminished now that Chief Spence has finished her hunger strike and Grand National Chief Shawn Atleo has fatefully – despite great resistance –  undercut the movement by meeting on January 11th with Stephen Harper and other elect officials.  Despite all of this, from my vantage point…

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