Last Wednesday Port Truckers Changed the Expectations of Noise Demos in Oakland Forever

Oakland Port Truckers Solidarity

Wednesday, November 13, 2013– After a brief conference on the steps of City Hall, Port of Oakland Truckers Association (POTA) board members entered into a meeting with Mayor Jean Quan, Deputy Mayor Sandre Swanson, Port of Oakland Executive Director Chris Lytle, California Air Resource Board member Cynthia Martin, and representatives from Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Outside, a group of about 35 activists and community members rallied loudly to support them inside. Even this small group was loud enough to disrupt the meeting. Reportedly, Mayor Quan requested the POTA board members persuade the demonstrators to be quiet.

“That’s the community out there supporting us, I can’t tell them what to do. They are just here to make sure everyone in this room knows we have their support,” said Frank Adams, POTA board member.

According to truckers inside the meeting, Mayor Quan said that she would have the demonstrators cleared…

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