Attack the Surveillance State : Camover

Pamphlet on direct action against surveillance passed out during Oakland City Council meetings around the Domain Awareness Center.

What is Camover? 
It started in Berlin. Small groups hit the streets at night to smash and dismantle the CCTV        surveillance  cameras adorning the city streets. They posted videos and photos of their  exploits online and called the  guerrilla project Camover. The anti-surveillance project  quickly spread throughout Germany, to Finland,  Greece and now even the U.S.


The DAC 
The Domain Awareness Center, a joint project between the Port of Oakland and city, started  as a nationwide  initiative to secure ports by networking sensors and cameras in and around  the facilities. The busy port is one  of seven U.S. maritime facilities that the Department of  Homeland Security considers at highest risk of a  terrorist attack.
Since its inception in 2009, the project has ballooned into a surveillance program for the  entire city. Some  officials already have proposed linking the center to a regional  Department of Homeland Security intelligence-  gathering operation or adding feeds from  surveillance cameras around the Oakland stadium and arena  complex.
In the next year, authorized personnel in Oakland will be able access multiple video feeds  from a large swath  of the city, along with real-time information such as weather and detailed  crime information all on in one  location, even on their laptop and mobile device.
Despite public outcry, in the middle of the night the City Council unanimously voted in favor of this system*. Our elected officials in Oakland do not represent us, they are not interested in our concerns. They leave us no choice: resist in the streets.

Why Attack? 
Who hasn’t noticed? There are cameras on the streets, in the shops, on public transportation, even in schools and at work! Video surveillance is used to monitor our lives, to control our actions, and to suppress our resistance. Comprehensive monitoring is the most visible manifestation of the ubiquitous eyes of the state, done under the guise of society’s basic need for security. Read More


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