Free Wine Can’t Cover The Scent of Bullshit

The Deportee's Wife

Red wine

I went to an event last night sponsored by, Mark Zuckerberg’s pet project of the moment.

Talk a walk through the event with me, shall we?

1. Right at the door, as soon as I walked in, I was asked to show identification. At an event that is supposedly pro-immigration reform. This event was touted as a Happy Hour, thus the I.D. check.

The space was donated, sure. But in all of Oakland, couldn’t find anywhere else that could donate space and simply allow people to walk in?

Does having an event with free wine and beer, an action that triggers the mandatory I.D. check, does that best serve the communities most directly affected by the present immigration laws in the U.S.? 

2. is having a DREAMER Hackathon right now, in the Silicon Valley here in California. After the mandatory I.D. check, I signed in and was…

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