Things I Hate about San Francisco’s Gentrification: A Love Poem

Outside the Circle


Below you’ll find, first, a lengthy first-person prologue exploring the loss and grief many of us are experiencing — at accelerated paces — as our communities, cities, and loved ones are stolen from us, sometimes through the inevitability of change and death, yet too frequently these days from systemic “unnatural” disasters. Then you’ll find the heart of this piece: a love poem for a city trampled by the forces of what’s called gentrification, interspersed with photos. For news, analysis, and organizing related to evictions, in particular, in San Francisco, see


For three weeks in August-September 2013, I returned to San Francisco for what was supposed to be an eight-week respite from caretaking my mom, whose rare form of cancer seemed to be relatively under control. My dad had died about three months earlier, on May 16, after nine months on “life” support, the ghastly outcome of a…

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