Muslim prayer spaces locked down one after the other

I can't relax in Greece

Al-Malik in Alkamenou st., will be the fifth consecutive ‘mosque’ to shut down following up orders by the state attorney. Muslims are waiting for 37 years the mosque the Greek polity has promised.

In 2011, the Parliament voted for an amendment that would give the ‘green light’ to construct a mosque in Votanikos, Athens. As of yet, there has been no assigned contractor!

‘Presumably in order to gain the far-right vote, the government wants to show deeds. That is why they are targeting us’, the President of the Muslim Association of Greece meaningfuly notes.

By Ntina Daskalopoulou

Pictures by Marios Lolos



“Masid Al-Malik has to shut down. This semi-basement space in Alkamenous street will be the fifth space of Muslims to shut down unless something changes in the next few hours.

There have been another four lockdowns – all of them in the area of Agios Panteleimon in the past…

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