Mandela is Dead, but the Battle is Far from Over!

Mandela is Dead, but the Battle is Far from Over!

Posted by on 12/06/13 • Categorized as English

I wonder how many of those mourning Nelson Mandela have messed up politics on a lot of things he stood for, or ideals he was made a symbol of! How many of them are “world leaders” whose political systems condemned the very essence of Mandela years ago! Political systems that are structured to abuse, exploit, dehumanize and kill people of color and the poor. Systems and political figures who hold injustices, discrimination, oppression, and exploitation as a way of life.

On the other hand how many of those jumping on the cool wagon of celebrity idolization and are now frantically tweeting their grief over Madiba´s death have questioned the racism we all carry within? How many have messed up views on people of color, on historical accountability when it comes to colonialism; or on the past and present plundering and devastation of Africa (whether by multinationals or the so-called development agencies)? How many support patents on medicines and seeds? How many are lighting candles for Mandela tonight while they have supported (or never held accountable) missionaries who committed crimes against indigenous people(s) and their religions and cultures?

Yesterday and today we´ve seen unbelievable hypocrisy.  The USA remains one of the biggest injustices targeting people of color both locally and internationally. People of color fill up US jails, people of color die on US borders and on US streets, people of color still face extreme social, economic and cultural marginalization. Yet they dared pay tribute to Mandela´s memory. The US government´s alleged grief over Mandela´s death, while he and the ANC were only taken off the US terrorist list in 2008, is just another stab in the hearts of many who are fighting for what Mandela stood for. Then we had England stepping in, while a quick investigation into English history can reveal the shameful role they played (hint hint Thatcher) in criminalizing anti-Apartheid activism, not to mention their present record of human rights abuses and outrageous immigration policies. Even Israel had its swing at the piñata with the Times of Israel calling him an “Israeli Hero”. The very state of Apartheid had the audacity to claim an anti-Apartheid symbol as their own hero. You can do the math, and the list of hypocritical governments wraps the globe twice!Read more



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