London: Anti-Raids Network in supprt of Migrants

London, England

From Anti-Raids Network :

We are a new London-wide network of ordinary people resisting and challenging immigration checks and raids through principles of solidarity and mutual aid. This page provides background to the network. For our statement of principles, see here.

The constant use of street-based immigration checks on suspected foreigners; of brutal dawn raids on the homes of asylum seeker families; and of UK Border Agency purges of takeaways, factories and car washes staffed with a multi-ethnic workforce: all serve to spread the fear that keeps undocumented people underground. If the person is especially unlucky, camera crews might accompany the officers for exclusive shots of a ‘phoney’ groom being led away in handcuffs –  a moneymaker for the likes of UK Border Force, a vote winner for every major political party in search of scapegoats for their problems and their unpopularity.

As we write in July 2012, anecdotal evidence suggests street-based immigration checks are on the rise.  Legally, the UK Border Agency and police can only stop and question individuals about their immigration status on the basis of reasonable suspicion, yet they rely largely on racial profiling. Although this is blatantly unlawful, these practices have ultimately led to the arrest and deportation of many undocmented migrants.

The Anti-Raids Network believes in free movement, and does not differentiate according to nationality, race, or immigration status. We therefore aim to make people aware of their rights in the context of an immigration check, and to support those who are being questioned, raided or arrested by the authorities purely because of the colour of their skin.

On this site you will find ‘Know Your Rights’ information in various languages, as well as details for how to get involved.

Who is behind the Anti Raids Network?

The network is formed of London-based groups, including the Latin American Workers’ Association (LAWAS), No Borders London, South London Anti-Fascists, Precarious Workers Brigade, The Prisma, Stop Deportation, South London SolFed, People’s Republic of Southwark, and unaffiliated individuals – with and without papers.

 About the bustcards and workshops

The information disseminated in the ‘know your rights’ cards and the workshops has been thoroughly researched and produced in conjunction with immigration lawyers.

We do not provide immigration advice, but general information on UKBA/police powers on immigration matters, and our rights in the face of them. Feel free to print and distribute!

Visit their page (HERE) to contact and learn more.

Why we resist: ARN statement of principles


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