Egyptian Army’s Role in Torture And Disappearances: Leaked Document

From Nadar G. Attar


What was Sisi doing on the 25-28 Jan 2011? Anyone know? because he has a medal for it!
If  you visit the State Information Services website and check out the info about the Minister of Defense, then general, now “Field Marshal” AbdelFattah El-Sisi you will find among his various “Medals & Decorations” one called: 25th of January Revolution Medal!
A question popped up in my head, when i read this, where and what was Abdelfattah El-Sisi, doing during the 25th of January Revolution? and what he did to deserve this medal? Then, i found out why…
Egyptian Army’s Role in Torture and Disappearances–Leaked Document
Part of a leaked copy of the highest-level inquiry into the deaths of more than 1000 protesters in Egypt’s uprising. The report, which remains unpublished, concludes that the country’s armed forces (especially the Military Intelligence “Headed then by General AbdelFattah El-Sisi”) participated in forced disappearances, torture and killings!
The committee listened to “Mohamed Mahdy Issa” testimony from Ashment village, Beni Suif governate:
“On 30/1/2011 my son “Ayman” went to his work in Giza, as he is married and has kids, that needs support. Ayman was arrested by the Military, in a “Roadblock” established in Dahshour, on Egypt-Fayoum road at about 7:30 am. Ayman was detained in “Haram Police Station” where he knew that a military rank responsible for the police station then, issued a record for him, falsely accusing him of having a gun! And so, Ayman was given to the Military Police, who in return transferred him to one of the Military prisons, and since then he is missing. Ayman’s father is accusing the Military and holding them responsible for the disappearance of his son Ayman.”
Read the entire piece here.

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