The Other Domain: Oakland’s Parallel Public/Private Worlds


Halfway through the public comments on Tuesday’s Domain Awareness Center vote at the Public Safety Committee meeting, an older African American woman took the podium, the first and only Black person to speak on the issue that night. In her comments, she concretized the vague unease which many might have felt watching one after another white person take the stand to criticize the DAC plan, categorizing the DAC as a white person’s issue.

One would think that with the emphasis some proponents of the surveillance center have placed on its crime-fighting purposing–typified by the throat gargling of Noel Gallo–there would be a long line of people of color from the city’s poorer neighborhoods at the podium to protest. There are probably many reasons for this lack, but I suggest one possible explanation for the apparent disinterest here.

There are two public/private worlds in Oakland existing in parallel to one another…

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