Attacks On EZLN Support Bases By Followers Of CIOAC Are Denounced

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attack on EZLNSan Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, February 1. The Good Government Junta (JBG), Heart of the Rainbow of Hope, from the Zapatista Caracol of Morelia, reported a serious attack on EZLN support bases in the ejido 10 de Abril, autonomous municipality 17 de Noviembre, perpetrated by a mob of followers of the leaders  of CIOAC democratic, the Central Independiente de Obreros Agricolas y Campesinos, Miguel Vázquez Hernández and Jaime Luna González. The incident occurred on Thursday 30th January, although they had already suffered a fierce attack on the 27th.

The JBG relates that “the cioaquistas [members of CIOAC] attacked us again, fulfilling their threats” made three days ago. “18 Nissan trucks arrived carrying what we estimate to have been 300 people ready for violence.” They got out 30 metres from the Zapatistas and the truck tried to run them down. Among the aggressors “their complete readiness to attack us with machetes was noted because they carried (machetes) in their hands and had brought stones.”

The account by the junta continues: “Our compañeros resisted and did not answer their aggressive and mocking questions,” and “tried to tell them to leave them alone, because the land has been reclaimed since 1994, and so it is cared for.” The aggressors of CIOAC democratic “took a five-minute break” and started throwing stones, while others sought “sticks and clubs to beat us, our compañeros immediately began to fall from heavy blows to their eyes, head, nose and legs.

Although some cioaquistas would be treated at the IMSS hospital in Altamirano for minor bumps, among the Zapatistas there were serious injuries. Sebastian, aged 20, with a fracture of the left zygomatic bone, ophthalmic trauma on the left side, haemorrhage and severe inflammation of the retina, fractures of the skull and base of the nose, and in danger of losing his sight. Ismael, aged 22, with an open nose fracture, a head injury, and contusion to the left shoulder. Jhony, aged 32, with a head injury, trauma to the left eye and oedema of the eyelid. Three more indigenous received head injuries.

The JBG identifies the ringleaders as Arnulfo González Jiménez and Jaime Luna González, who fired guns. “They began to beat us followed by their accomplices Tranquilino González,  bilingual teacher, José Lino Álvarez y Humberto López, natives of the ejido 20 de Noviembre, where some people have for a long time tried to appropriate the lands of 10 de Abril, over which they have no rights. The people who carried them in the trucks were paid 100 pesos each as a wage for the violence with which they attacked us.

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