7 Things Your Colorblind Racist Friend Might Say to You and How to Respond

From Atlanta Black Star

From Atlanta Black Star

From Atlanta Black Star

What they say:

“People are just people.”  ”I don’t see color.”  ”We’re all just human.”   “Character, not color, is what counts with me.”


“Colorblindness” negates the cultural values, norms, expectations and life experiences of people of color. Even if an individual white person can ignore a person’s skin color, society does not.

Claiming to be “colorblind” can also be a defense when someone is afraid to discuss racism, especially if the assumption is that all conversation about race or color is racist.  Color consciousness does not equal racism.

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3 thoughts on “7 Things Your Colorblind Racist Friend Might Say to You and How to Respond

  1. so i read this and thought well what if i have heard my self saying these things does that make me a hateful person no it does not because we have no race or invisible lines that separate us the only thing different is our evolutionary differences they try to say it takes hundreds of thousand of years to evolve yeah in to some thing unrecognizable but if you would just open your eyes you can tell why dogs became our best friends because they to are on the same stage as us our gnome is just less malleable than their is we are just sub species we no longer know what the pure blood is and that is one of the reason hitler and many others went in search for the origins of the true beginnings of the man we call ourselves today and so let it be know that we were created but were shunned by the god of the heavens he was not the creator just the ruler at the time you can see through out many cultures because the first ruler or god was the wrathful one then for some reason power was usurped to the loving one and this is how the power struggle happened but they were dying out only a select few of them truly understood this so they past down their accumulative knowledge which for the time was still far outside the range of understanding told us about the stars ourselves and how the two are connected on a different level? also the animals in the our environment the reason we all don’t speak the same language is we did then we were separated in to small groups and not very many people travel then we were fearful lot that is why we were separated (a group of fearful people)(MOB) dangerous then we were slowly thought and while this was happening the rulers were at war the two rulers and then the ones before us more like the rulers physically speaking but still less like them then we are but still they were a failed attempt yet not destroyed why very simple our creators and rulers have a taste for beauty and they are emotional that is where they draw their strength from we can too just lost the know how to do so we can’t put the finger on it but it has something to do with a diet or just being around radioactive elements (certain types) they work like this your body draws on the metallic substance rare electrons that interact with our magnetic sphere we draw it in use it has like a battery and we then work like and alternating current cause of what we don’t use is put back where and how we found it. heres my thing right if i know this and i am a nobody why is it that there are ruins in the sea of japan and in the bay next to india which geologically speaking would have been above sea levels roughly i don’t know 17 to 20 thousand years ago ? not clay pots but a city and why is it we lost our true voice the one WORD OF MOUTH when we were taught to speak it was taboo by the leaders for the voice was theirs and theirs alone it was how they became who they were before that we had a hive mentality telepathic and when we were oceans apart we shared news but never once in person just what you would call astral projections the voice vibrations that move in to the air molecules then out in to frequencies everything has there true command names to control them and were taught to us the lesser of beings the workers which were many compared to the few rulers we are very weak alone maybe but with a collective consciousness and the power VOICE we could have shatter the Sun They say we never possed the wisdom to use it that’s why we are kept apart for as a whole we would unstoppable plus we did live for what seems like a very long time to us now the reason why we don’t is three things no longer have touch to the collective consciousness, no longer have contact to the special radioactive isotopes to better conduct our will of being, no longer have the higher understanding of the voice so every time we speak we do not move mountains but destroy our bodies on a cellular level our cells on average hit the peak in the mid 30s then it is down hill from there sorry

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