Mother of Anarchy

Last week (6 February) a group of about 400 African migrants made an attempt to enter Spain at the border crossing in Ceuta, one of two Spanish enclaves in North Africa. The group had initially attempted to cross by land but were repelled, after which some later made an attempt to swim the short distance around.


The Guardia Civil fired rubber bullets and gas canisters at them in the water, killing at least 11 and maybe 15, and then lied about it, repeatedly.


Lie 1a. “We did not fire on them”

The Guardia Civil initially denied firing the migrants in the water. After multiple witnesses, most from among the group of migrants, maintained that the Guardia Civil had indeed fired rubber bullets and gas canisters, Minister Fernández Díaz, a daily communicant who was born again after a vision he experienced while in Las Vegas, admitted that the police…

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