Zapatista Little School Students Report Back This Weekend

1796668_670790976318756_1000292545_nFriday, 28 Feb 2014, 7:00 PM at Station 40: 3030 16th St. Suite B, San Francisco

Sunday, 2 Feb 2014, 5:00 PM at El Qilombo: 2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

A panel of alumni from the Zapatista Little School who traveled to Mexico as a part of a delegation from Oakland will be talking about their experiences with the Zapatistas.

The Little School is a recent initiative by the Zapatistas to invite thousands of participants from around the world to come to the Zapatista territories, stay in the homes of the Zapatista families, work alongside the Zapatistas, and study the Zapatista approach to autonomy.

We stayed in communities across the breadth of the Zapatista territory, from the mountains to the jungle, and will be discussing the different circumstances we encountered in different places, as well as the lessons we learned from our time in the Little School. 

Photo by Emily Loftis

Photo by Emily Loftis

We will also be discussing some of our experiences with other autonomous projects that we visited in Mexico, outside the Little School and Chiapas. There will be a slideshow with some pictures from our journey, as well as time for a Q&A with members of the panel.

All are welcome. There will be snacks and tea.



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