Video: Israeli Occupation Forces Execute Palestinian, Demolish Home

Photo by Issam Ramawi

After he was pulled from the rubble. Photo by Issam Ramawi

From a BAI contributor in Palestine

BIRZEIT NEAR RAMALLA/WEST BANK TODAY: Israeli occupation forces destroyed the house of the Wahsheh family and killed Mu’taz Wahseh who was 24 years old. After demolishing part of the house, the army set fire to it, preventing the family members from going inside. They watched it burn.

This is the video of the family being allowed to reach their house after the army left this afternoon. The video below is heart-wrenching.

Since the collaborative Palestinian Authority’s public return to negotiations, 45 Palestinians have been killed and over 2000 were arrested.

Video from Palestine TV.

There was an angry march in Ramalla. It’s Friday, so it’s possible that things could escalate.

Photo by ATta jabr

Photo by ATta jabr

For now, there is mourning…

His mother. Photo by

His mother. Photo by


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