Photos of Injured Asylum Seekers at Manus Island Detention Centre

Originally Posted in Medium

A shocking set of photographs reveals the injuries inflicted on asylum seekers detained at Manus Island.

Asylum seekers have allowed photos to be taken for evidence. Some pose with ID, allowing their injuries to to be recorded. Others stand beside an image of Reza Barati above the words “We Never Forget”, taped to a wall.

The photos, include images of bullet holes in walls, blood stained walls and pillows, and asylum seekers sleeping in an open-air pavilion.

Some asylum seekers show gashes and stitches, with multiple head injuries. Many of them have bruised eyes and faces.

Sources within the detention centre say that opaque material has now been draped over fences, stopping asylum seekers from seeing who is outside the fences, adding to their stress about possible further attacks.

Power cuts since the attacks at the detention centre have now also become triggers for re-living trauma of the horror, with sources claiming asylum seekers now begin screaming whenever the power is switched off.

For More photos go to: Medium

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