Support Tacoma Immigrant Detainees Hunger Strike

hunger striker demandsLast Friday over 1200 detainees began a hunger strike inside the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington, one of the largest immigration detention centers in the country.

Immediately their massive protest made national news. In retaliation they are being harassed, and we heard yesterday that more than 20 of them were placed in isolation, cut off from communication. 

Please support the detainees by sending e-mail to ICE here.

They’re striking for the most basic things: better food, better treatment and fairness. To bring it to light, they’re risking their own health inside the for-profit detention center owned and operated by the GEO Group.

In just the past two days we’ve seen an outpouring of support but the need more to stay safe and see their demands met.

We want to get over 1,000 signatures by tomorrow at 5pm. The wives of the hunger strikers are holding a rally outside the detention center in the morning and the hungers strikers are counting our support. 

Thank you,

Maru Villalpando

P.S. Come support the hunger strikers at a rally tomorrow, Tuesday March 11th at 5pm at 1623 E. J Street, Tacoma Washington. Facebook invite here. 


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