Hip Hop Without Borders: “Revolutionary Tourism” and the Zapatista Little School Segunda Ronda

From Shades of Silence

hiphopwithoutborders“The oral arts and other forms of expression set our landscape in a different frame of reference…”

—Linda-Tuhiwai Smith, Decolonizing Methodologies

Poesia interrupts your capitalist illusion, delivering messages of ancients

(Time is arbitrary, a thought in process leading up to (A) question)

Street Politrikkks (What is a Citizen’s Arrest????):

Error: Access Denied

tik tok tik tok

time picking up

the sun slowing down

energy download

here comes rhymes:

(thoughts of (a) mind lost thru time)

we interrupt your illusion: “What is poetry?”

Who asked?”


A beat on repeat


comes storylines

Awaken with a torch, (A) light beams…

Lets analyze the situation and move On:

  1. socialists sold out faster than corporate narco-politrikkks
  2. discipline is necessary for growth
  3. Sports are no different than politrikkks

why you ask

here sit down

dark room// inside a box// eye patch//machete//notebook writes// an anti-mc spiritually interconnected with all relations, delivering precisely gracelessly tactically messages…creatively illuminating the essence of creation…tick tok goes the clock its 5:55am to be exact, so she reprograms: questions left in pauses.

Stars fall into skylines

souls reflecting the war chants of ancestors…

Read the entire piece here.


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