Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair 2014

anarchist-book-fair-2014-v3This year’s annual Bay Area Book Fair will be held at the Crucible in West Oakland this Saturday and Sunday. Panels will include a variety of topics, including “Discussion of Anarchy and Autonomy Para La Raza” and “City-wide Activist Art: mud stencils, light brigades, street signs, and other creative disruptions” (featuring Emory Douglas!).

We’re particularly interested in a panel called “Decolonization and Anarchism.” (And if you missed it, heck out last year’s “Decolonization is not a Tendency panel featured at the Seattle Book Fair.”)

Decolonization and Anarchism, 4:30PM

Speakers: Bryan Reiss, Francis Mead, Corrina Gould, Kanahus Pellkey, Hannibal Shakur
Colonization’s influence continues span the globe despite the “end of colonization” at the end of the second world war. The effects are different for different groups of people, the panel seeks to explore these differences and similarities as they relate to continuing struggles for decolonization, Particularly the nuances between indigenous struggles, and struggles involving dispersed and displaced people of color who have been “pushed or pulled” from former colonies and now find themselves in the colonial motherland’s metropolis.  The panel seeks to ask: how are the struggles for decolonization among the Diaspora and indigenous groups related? How should they interact? What does decolonization look like this in this context? Can contemporary Anarchism offer anything useful for these struggles? The panel will consist of 4 speakers, two from indigenous groups in North America, and two people of color in Oakland who are involved in local struggles against colonialism.

See the entire schedule here.

And check out the POC table, featuring local art from Warrior Creations, Liberated Lather and other artists:



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