Lil Bobby Huttons BBQ For the People

lil bobby hutton commemorationSaturday, 5 April 2014. 2-6PM. Defremery Park, 18th & Adeline, Oakland

Come enjoy FREE BBQ, music, family entertainment & speakers in honor of Lil Bobby Hutton.

You can read Black Panther Terry Cotton’s history of Lil Bobby Hutton here.


Emory Douglas

Every year, the Black Panthers commemorate their fallen warriors. The commemoration is held on behalf of “Lil” Bobby Hutton, who was murdered by the Oakland pigs prior to him having a function at Defremary park, which involved Feeding The People. In 2012, we, as community members, organized a “Take Back the Town” BBQ at what is known today as “Lil” Bobby Hutton park.

The theme of this year’s event is “SPEAKING UP AGAINST VIOLENCE.” We’re speaking up, not just about police brutality, but all forms of violence. There will be a wide range of speakers, food, music and kids’ entertainment.

See the Facebook event page here. Video commemorating Lil Bobby Hutton with music by Mos Def:


2 thoughts on “Lil Bobby Huttons BBQ For the People

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