[SUT.14.3.30] Snitch fearmongering and slander

The Struggle for Unified Theory

Recently a well-known Seattle activist M was named a snitch in a chicken-shit anonymous “snitch alert”. To nearly all Seattle activists in the movement, this is an unbiased slander. But, I do not believe that this is the first slander, nor will it be the last. At a time where we need every hand, mind and heart, these slanders cut down our strength.

I tend to treat these overblown “snitch alerts” with a grain of salt:

I think the trigger happiness of labeling activists a snitch is terribly shortsighted and fails to address more underlying issues within the movement. This is just another example of a backward, unprofessional movement eating its own. Police informants are a real phenomena, but this constant tit for tat fear-mongering does far more damage to our work and morale, eroding our trust and solidarity in comrades.

I hope we can all learn to understand the…

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