Supporters Gather for Antione Thomas Fundraiser

art from Pentagram: Graphite Stick Triptych (1 of 3 panels). 2006, Anonymous.

art from Pentagram: Graphite Stick Triptych (1 of 3 panels). 2006, Anonymous.

As narrated by Antione’s sister

Last week at Qilombo, a handful of people gathered for a fundraiser to support Antione Thomas–the brother of a community medic and comrade. Antione’s sister shared his story:

In 2007, her brother  and some friends were returning from a fast food run in Solano County. Before Antione could even get out of the car, some pigs approached, yanked Antione out and did a cavity search on him in clear view of the neighbors. As they performed the search, they were telling nasty jokes and telling him to “man up” while they roughly handled his genitals. They found nothing.

After the search, he was so swollen, he couldn’t even sit down. He was taken in for possession and while he was in jail, his sister called, demanding he get medical attention. He also filed a complaint. Nothing happened.

In a second run-in, he was stopped while driving with no license. They said he had a gun, even though he didn’t. They snatched him out of the car and stomped him in the head. They said he shot at them. After two years of serving time, it was proven that he did not have a gun. He was charged with running from the pigs and went to court dozens of times, enduring endless hearings with ineffective council.

In a third case in 2009, they framed him for the armed robbery of a Chucky Cheese’s, even though people witnessed that he was getting a haircut during the time of the robbery. In addition, a forensic specialist examining the company’s video said that the filmed robber was not Antione. Judge Henry Kinnicut, who presided over the case, is known for being a hanging judge, a judge known for giving the maximum allowed penalties. The sentence for Antione is 65 years.

They’re trying to take the case to raise moeny to take the case to the Supreme Court. In order to do this, they have to raise around $7,000.00 for legal fees. They are also looking for legal representation for the case.

You can write to him in jail here:

Antione Thomas # AH 4640
P.O.BOX 4000



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