Cesar Chavez Documentary: “They Erased Us Like Gentrification”


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(BAI did minimal minimal editing in order to preserve the tone and voice of this comrade.)

The Cesar Chavez movie would have been a real good film if it were historically accurate. The line in the Cesar Chavez movie that summed it up for me was when Chavez’s brother said “Who gives a f* about the Philippinos.” According to the movie, the white lawyers, the European Union members and Robert Kennedy had way more invovlement in the United Farm Workers (and talking parts) than the Philippinos. Shit, if i didn’t know my history, if i hadn’t taught my child her history, we would have seen that film and believed the UFW founders and shot-callers were all Mexicans and one white laywer. My chican@ comrades argue, “Hey, it’s Hollywood,” or why can’t I understand how important this movie is for latinos to see powerful role models? Yeah I do. and I ask them: Can’t you understand Diego Luna robbed Philippinos of that oppirtunity to feel pride and see MILITANT role models? That he robbed our two communuties of the opportunity to see what our shared history was? (And why there are so many Mexipinos in California?)

To quote my daughter: “That wasn’t right, mama. That movie made us disappear like gentrification.”

Read Jen Soriano’s post on The Center for Media Justice. Soriano provides links to a clearer history of Phillipino farmworkers.: “Not Just Sour Grapes: Why it Matters That the Cesar Chavez Movie Rewrites The History of Filipino Farmworkers.”

Read the Filipino American National Historical Society’s statement here.


3 thoughts on “Cesar Chavez Documentary: “They Erased Us Like Gentrification”

  1. Great review that’s on point. It’s hard enough to get American audiences to care about Mexicans or immigrants. Including Phillippinos might have caused the theatergoers heads to explode.

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