Free Jihad! Fundraiser for Comrade Facing Repression

From RBG Street Soldiers Think Tank

From RBG Street Soldiers Think Tank

Come out for a fundraiser to support Comrade and Brother Jihad, who is facing repression. (Please donate here if you can’t make it.)

Saturday,  April 5, 6PM-Midnight, at Qilombo (2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland):  There will be a screening of the Black Riders Liberation Party documentary “Let Um Hear Ya Coming;” hip-hop performances by Ras Ceylon, Shango Abiola, E Da Ref, Ms. Incredible, and Fly Benzo; a raffle and halal food.



“Most of today’s black convicts have come to understand that they are the most abused victims of an unrighteous order.” –George Jackson


As many of you know, Comrade Jihad Mujahid Muhammad, Minister of Spirituality for the Black Riders Liberation Party, was scheduled to be released last week after being held captive for a year in San Quentin and Folsom Prison. On the day he was supposed to be released, he was transferred to Santa Clara County and arraigned on new trumped-up charges. This incident continues the repression comrade Jihad has faced for his revolutionary organizing. Jihad is a political prisoner/prisoner of war and an unrelenting advocate for the brothers and sisters off the block. He is being targeted for his work with the Black Riders Liberation Party, his influence in the community and his devout Muslim faith.

Comrade Jihad has flourished within the ranks of the BRLP, displaying a fearless go-hard-or-go-home attitude when  confronting the pigs. He was arrested on the 4th anniversary of Lovell Mixon Day, on the same block where Lovell Mixon was killed shortly after taking down four pigs in a gun battle. Jihad has put himself and his freedom on the line for Black people, always willing to accept the most dangerous missions without hesitation. He has been a shining example to a lot of brothers off the block of what political education, street smarts, discipline and scientific strategy can do to change the direction of the lumpenproletariate from self destruction to Revolutionary Afrikan Inter-Communalism. brlp

One example of this is when Comrade Jihad along with Comrade Askari had to break up a fight and prevent a riot at Fremont High. While the teachers stood by and called the pigs, Jihad and Askari intervened to stop the fight. When the pigs arrived and attempted to illegally detain a young Xicano student, the comrades informed the youth of his rights, which he then demanded until the pigs reluctantly released him. The anger of the young people then turned toward the Occupying Army (OPD), and they hurled insults at the pigs until they were forced to retreat. The comrades, along with over 150 students armed with knowledge and heart, drove the pigs away. prisonhungerstrike

Comrade Jihad had a stroke during his incarceration in San Quentin. Still, he was involved in the Prisoner Hunger strike. He also organized watch-a-pig operations with the pod workers in order to observe the correction officers when they would raid and thrash prisoner’s cells in search of contraband. Since it is the pod workers who usually end up cleaning the mess left over from the COs’ raids, the workers are in the perfect position to make it extremely difficult for COs to smuggle/plant any contraband on prisoners.

These actions of revolutionary organizing and mobilizing led Jihad to get transferred to New Folsom State Prison where he would serve the rest of his time. He said they had him isolated for a while but they eventually put him in general population. He did a lot of good studying and sharpened his spiritual philosophy. He was doing a lot of training and getting his health up to par. He said he was around a lot of African revolutionaries: politically, spiritually and culturally conscious brothers.

On Friday, March 21, 2014 he was supposed to be released. Instead, the California Department of Corrections claimed they made some kind of “miscalculation” of his release date and that he would be released Wednesday, March 26, 2014. On the second attempt to pick him up, they said he was released to the Alameda County Sheriff and had put a hold on his release because of a warrant for some unidentified trumped-up charge. He was later transferred to Santa Clara County Jail for his arraignment for a felony burglary charge and some unidentified prison charge. He is possibly facing his third striked. His bail is set at $110,000. The Black Riders Liberation Party seeks legal & financial support,, access to independent media outlets, and solidarity.

“Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it’s cowardice.” –George Jackson


Write the brother:

Clarence Ardds PFN# DUH889

Santa Clara County Jail

150 W. Hedding San Jose CA 95110

Donate at:

“To the slave, revolution is an imperative, a love-inspired, conscious act of desperation. It’s aggressive. It isn’t `cool’ or cautious. It’s bold, audacious, violent, an expression of icy, disdainful hatred! It can hardly be any other way without raising a fundamental contradiction. If revolution, and especially revolution in Amerika, is anything less than an effective defense/attack weapon and a charger for the people to mount now, it is meaningless to the great majority of the slaves. If revolution is tied to dependence on the inscrutabilities of `long-range politics,’ it cannot be made relevant to the person who expects to die tomorrow.”  Blood in My Eye


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