Settler Colonialism and Oppression: Their Interdependent Relationship

Reflections on Colonialism From a White Settler

Would it be so “out there” to suggest that all major forms of oppression that affect Indigenous (and non-Indigenous) people in Canada have their roots in settler colonialism? It could be, but I’m going to do it anyways.

In a much more experienced and academic way than I could, Harsha Walia explains colonialism and oppression with respect to decolonization:

(For more on what Harsha has to say about colonialism, decolonization and oppression go here or here)

Alright so let’s break it down…

Settler colonialism and patriarchy – So there is a link between settler colonialism, patriarchy and the position that women have been forced into. With colonialism came the idea that women were sub-par to men, women were supposed to be poised and polite and fragile. This was completely opposite to the way Indigenous women were treated pre-colonialism. Indigenous women were cherished by their communities, they were strong and engaged…

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