California Set to Give a New Extra-Judicial Eviction Tool to Oakland


city council While several patches to Oakland and San Francisco’s tenant rent laws have made the news over the past weeks—notably, the flawed and insufficient Capital Improvements modifying legislation in Oakland, and increases in minimums of Ellis Act Eviction buy outs in San Francisco—there has been more than one potentially catastrophic piece of extra-judicial anti-tenant legislation inching through the sausage making machines in Oakland and the state houses.

Most recently,  AB1513, which passed the Judicial Committee today and heads to the House, will give landlords new abilities to kick out non-leasing holding tenants that would have formerly enjoyed substantial legal protections. All a landlord would have to do to evict tenants under AB1513 is to file an affidavit to the DA, which would generate a three day eviction order.

Not as extensive, but perhaps more troubling—at least because of the enthusiastic participation of City Council and City Attorney in helping craft…

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