Egypt Elections and Voter Intimidation

Baltagiya thugs patrolling the streets in Sisi t-shirts

Baltagiya thugs patrolling the streets in Sisi t-shirts


After the coup regime extended elections for a third day and threatening to fine citizens boycotting, we found more evidence of voter intimidation ahead the inevitable Sisi victory.


Egyptian media meltdown on low voter turnout w/ subtitles


This was a warning issued by a company in Egypt called ‘Universal’ telling workers that they must leave work early and vote in the election or else face having their wages docked.


“Universal Company Human resources department
Administrative Order 27th May 2014
Due to the presidential elections, we will make it easy for workers to vote and fulfill their political obligation.
The Administration has decided the following for all eligible workers:
First: Workers will be allowed to leave work early today on Tuesday 27th of May at 2pm in order to vote.
Second: The department of security will inspect workers’ fingers tomorrow for phosphoric ink to ensure that they have voted.
Third: If it can be proved that workers haven’t voted in the election, they will be fined due to being allowed to leave early.
Fifth: All departments are required to execute this order.”


*Translations provided by Mohamed Mohamedy and Sam Hamad*

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