Friday: Towards (A) Communal Cypher

CommunalCypherPosterTowards (A) Communal Cypher Benefit Show is being coordinated to raise funds for the Trayvon 2. Engaging Hip Hop as a tool of Decolonization and the continued building of Black and Brown people struggles, we intend to support a thriving local, underground, creative, resistant hip-hop community and those targeted for speaking for the liberation of our people(s). More information coming soon at


Cyphers/Elements: Graffiti/Arsenal Culture, Bgirl Cypher, Comedians, raffles, vendors, food community bridging thru hip hoptrayvon-2-court-support.june13


The Trayvon 2 (Hannibal Shakur and Tanzeen Doha) were arrested while protesting the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict in the murder of Trayvon Martin. The Trayvon 2 are the only people being charged and the only Muslims arrested, and are currently being railroaded through the judicial system on false charges. For more information, updates on developments in the case and ways to support the Trayvon 2’s freedom, visit  


Friday, June 13


Trayon 2 Cypher Rally @ Courthouse

Wiley Manuel Courthouse, 661 Washington Street (corner of 7th and Washington St, downtown Oakland)


6:00pm to midnight
Towards (A) Communal Cypher
Featuring: Savage Fam, Alas, Ruby Ibarra, M.C. K-Swift , Monotheist, Poesia, E The Ref, Shango Abiola, Dani M. Cornejo and anyone who got heart to get in it the day of!
Os Qilombo, 2313 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland


For more information on Friday’s cypher, visit the Facebook event page here or (Videos pulled from Shades of Silence Facebook page.) Live from Oakland, creative revolutions always lead to drastic changes!


Check out some of the performing artists below:

Savage Family (See our interview with Savage Family here.) Ruby Ibarra ALAS Shango MC K-Swift

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