Gentrification- A Tour Guide

Shades of Silence

(Note from S.O.S. -Below is a pamphlet we put together with the help of Anarres Press,  for a series of talks in the Emerald City about Gentrification and Social Control. We find that our stories and memories are very important in our struggle against Empire. Part of the process of fighting this cult of death and it forces of gentrification is to remember and share stories, to not let capitalism and its development erase our identities and cultures. This pamphlet is one person’s story living thru a period of hyper gentrification. It is not meant to be “the history” of the C.D. but rather just one person account and narrative. Enjoy!)  

This pamphlet you are holding is a guide to a specific tour of Seattle. It takes you around the Central District of Seattle with the hopes of revealing the often hidden side of gentrification. In this guide…

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