Leaders of Muslim Community Speak Out for the Trayvon 2



As members of the Bay Area Muslim community and the larger ummah, we are deeply concerned about the the serious and false legal charges leveled against Tanzeen Doha and Lamar Caldwell – the ‘Trayvon 2.’ We recognize that the legal system continues to discriminate on the basis of skin color, and note the connection between the specific targeting of two dark, bearded Muslim men and the broader criminalization of Islam following the ‘War on Terror.’

We draw necessary parallels between the Trayvon 2’s legal battle – the stakes of which include incarceration and deportation – and the young Trayvon Martin’s own fight for his life. We recognize the continuity between the persecution of the Trayvon 2 and the arbitrary detention of Muslims in Guantanamo Bay Prison. We also make connections between the initial arrest of the Trayvon 2, and the routine criminalization of Black bodies in the streets of…

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