Muslim leaders demand action over fascist mosque invasions

Liverpool Antifascists

MUSLIM leaders urged the police to take action yesterday amid a rising tide of fascist “mosque invasions.”

Senior members of Luton’s Islamic congregation warned that far-right group Britain First’s inflammatory tactics were provoking younger Muslims and could end in deaths.

The fascist party posted a video of leader Paul Golding — a former British National Party councillor — and heavies forcing their way into mosques to hand out racist leaflets and Bibles to intimidate worshipers.

The video ends with the message: “Are you sick of sitting on your hands and doing nothing?”

Luton Central Mosque president Mohammed Shafait told the Star: “People are fed up.

“He is going around all over the country abusing people.

“I say he’s the one who is a terrorist”, argued Mr Shafait in response to the video’s description of the 40,000-strong Muslim community as “Luton extremists”.

“It’s pretty disgusting”, said anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate…

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