Breakdowns that Break Down Borders // A Night of Borderless Flows [A Benefit for the 2014 Brigada]

Sunday at 5:00pm
924 Gilman , Berkeley CA

A night where we go to old-school roots when hip-hop heads and punks shared stories of rebellion, resilience and united in defiant OURstories. We honor this rich legacy of creative resistance.

!Y Que!
Threat to the System
Poesi@- anti-emcee emcee from the West Coast
Digma – d-beat hardcore punk (San Francisco)

A Benefit for the 2014 Brigada:

The 2014 Brigada to Mexico consists of Black and Brown people from the West Coast (Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland) who seek to strengthen solidarity amongst our growing communities of displaced and marginalized people, build ties, and continue to struggle locally, regionally and globally. We carrying the stories of our families that have ended up in these cities and reclaim autonomy in order to survive the age of the neoliberal-gentrification-colonial project.

Show $7 plus $2 membership
Show up early to volunteer if you can’t pay

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