Hizbullah Statement On Israeli Aggressions in Gaza:


From Islamic Invitation Turkey

Commenting on the continuous Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The Zionist occupation army carries out a comprehensive aggression on the Gaza Strip, using its military against innocent civilians. Thus, it kills children, women and elders, and damages homes and institutions in the harshest destruction waged against the patient Gaza Strip and its people ever since many years ago.

This criminal aggression forms a continuation of an ongoing Zionist war against the Palestinian people since before the establishment of the occupying entity and the annexation of the land and rights.

Every now and then, this “Israeli” war witnesses a new escalation to reflect the enemy’s criminal spirit that serves its obnoxious settlement projects.

Meanwhile, It is shameful and strange that all this murder, sabotage and destruction happens in light of the silence of the so-called the international community, and amid deeper and more bitter silence of the Arab regimes which did nothing in the face of this crime that crossed all limits.

As Hizbullah strongly condemns the crimes of the Zionist enemy in Gaza, which claimed the lives of tens of martyrs and hundreds of wounded; it hails with the best regards all factions of the Palestinian resistance.

This resistance has remained steadfast and firm in face of the Zionist killing machine. It further prevented the enemy, with all its military potential, from neither breaking its vigor nor to eliminate the oppressed, scarifying, and heroic Palestinian people’s will in resistance.

Hizbullah also salutes the Palestinian people for their courage, steadfastness, and decision to choose the resistance as the way of confronting the aggression.
On this level, it stresses that this approach has proven to be the only path toward dignity, victory and the recuperation of rights.


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