Florida Police Officers Fired For Being KKK

Klan and cop

By Ian Millhiser

Posted In Think Progress

A confidential FBI report reportedly links two Fruitland Park, Florida police officers to the Ku Klux Klan — one of whom was, until recently, the local police department’s deputy chief. Deputy Chief David Borst resigned his office shortly after the FBI provided a copy of the report to police Chief Terry Issacs. Borst also served as the city’s fire chief, although he’s resigned that post as well.

Despite his dual resignations, Borst denied involvement with the Klan. Though Chief Issacs said he saw no indications that his deputy chief was a member of a notorious hate group, he acknowledged that he “read the [FBI] report, and it’s convincing.” Issacs also fired the other officer named in the report, Officer George Hunnewell.

Although Chief Isaacs would not confirm that the report tied his now-former officers to the KKK — Isaacs merely stated that they were part of a “subversive organization” — a high ranking member of the state attorney’s office confirmed that this incident arose out of the officers’ ties to the Klan. In 2009, another Fruitland Park police officer resigned after pictures revealed him in a Klan uniform with a pointed hood and robe.

Left: George Hunnewell Right: Deputy Chief David Borst (Photo via WFTV)



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