Statement by the Syrian Revolution Support Bases against Zionist aggression on Gaza


From Syrian Revolution Support Bases
Since the beginning of the so-called “Operation Protective Edge” – Israel’s latest aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip – on 8 July, over 180 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been murdered in the worst escalation since the November 2012 aggression.

Israel’s unrelenting deliberate targeting of civilian areas, coupled with the desperate shortage of medical supplies caused by the Israeli-Egyptian siege, means the death toll will continue to climb rapidly.

We condemn Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza which was carried out not only to break Palestinian resistance, but also to halt the popular protests raging in occupied Jerusalem and across the territories occupied in 1948.

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and resistance and support their inalienable right to defend themselves by all possible means in the face of Israeli siege, colonization and U.S.-funded missiles raining down on them.

We also demand the immediate and unconditional end to the siege on Gaza and the opening of Rafah crossing and condemn the role of the coup regime in Egypt for its complicit in the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

We urge Americans to pressure their government in order to end all forms of backing and military aid to Israel.

Any attempt at equating the crimes of Israel with the actions of Palestinian resistance is unacceptable hence we reject any neutral call for ceasefire that does not explicitly hold Israel responsible for its crimes.

As we stand with our sisters and brothers in Gaza and Palestine, we believe that attempts of Syrian regime supporters to exploit their struggle are both morally reprehensible and an insult to the Palestinian cause. Those who have sided with the Syrian regime or remained silent over its crimes have no moral ground to claim solidarity with Gaza and are no less hypocritical than pro-Israel supporters who feign support for Assad’s victims.

In a genuine struggle for liberation, there is no room for double standards and selective indignation.

Syrian Revolution Support Bases


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